PORTO PCC Starter Kit

PORTO PCC Starter Kit coming. • Exquisitely designed, compact, easy to carry out. • Convenient to operate with the Simulation smoke design, it restores the characteristics of real cigarette to the greatest extent. • Clear and easy-to-understand light hints can easily identify various battery status. • Built-in 800 mAh battery inside PORTO portable charging case, which can guarantee the battery performance of small e-cigs. • The decorating panel on the PORTO PCC body can be replaced.

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Product Specification

Battery capacity 800 mAh
Size 45.3mm*15.3mm*116.0mm
Input voltage/current 5V/1A
Material PC, ABS, Stainless steel, brass, silicone

PORTO e-cig:
Battery capacity 180 mAh
Size Φ9.2mm*100.5mm
Volume ≤1.0ml
Coil Resistance 2.2 Ω
Wattage 7W
Quiescent current ≤5uA
Material Stainless steel tube, PC, chrome plated brass, silicone

Product Packing

Fashionable gift package, designded by VapeOnly.
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