Guevara atomizer is inspired by revolutionary Ernesto Che Guevara. With full revolutionary spirit, we strive to make it as compact as possible, and with child lock design, top filing and RBA. It will bring you better vaping experience than you can imagine.

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Product Specification

  • Size                    Φ22.0 x 26.5mm;Φ22.0 x 38.0mm(including mouthpiece)
  • Voltage               xW-xxW
  • Volume               ≤2.5mL
  • Resistance        1.0Ω(10W-17W), 1.5Ω(7W-11W)
  • Material              Stainless steel tube + glass+ chrome-plated brass + rubber seals

Product Packing

  • Atomizer (including 0.5 ohm coil × 1, a Delrin Mouthpiece × 1) 1pcs
  • Coil (including finished coil × 1, DIY coil × 1)  1pcs
  • Manual  1pcs
  • Allen wrench  1pcs
  • Inner hexagon screw   4pcs
  • Sealing rings  4pcs
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Security Code

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